pay as you go!

be charged per your usage.

What does PREPAYG do?
Pay websites based on how much time you use them for. PREPAYG handles the charge so that services get their payment, not your details. Also, you don't have to subscribe to services but just start using them by logging in with your PREPAYG id and key so no more accounts for every other thing! Check out the FAQs for more.

How does it work?
PREPAYG enables service providers to monetise by providing subscription options of rate (charge per the time used for), and cap (like rate but with a upper limit on monthly charge). Services use PREPAYG to provide premium content, ad-free experiences, and more!

Lets say you use the following example services, adjust your usage and see how you are charged:

total charge, $ 0

Service A: type: rate
Standard rate: $ 1 per 60 min
Your usage: 0 min
Service B: type: cap
Standard charge: $ 4 for 120 min
Your usage: 0 min

But wait! There's more!

/discover, see the services where you can use PREPAYG, or
/sample, check our sample webpage that shows the usage of PREPAYG., if you have any queries. Happy payging!

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